Prices for Services

Payment for all services is due at time of service, unless prearranged with Valpo Valet. Several of our services may vary in price due to project complexity or duration. We will negotiate a price with you at the time of request acceptance. For weekend jobs, there will be an additional $5 charge added to your invoice.

One way, less than 30 minutes - $15
Both ways, less than 1 hour - $30
$10 each additional half hour (after first hour)
Airport pickup or dropoff - $85 each way (includes tolls) for Midway and South Bend and $100 each way (includes tolls) for Ohare - Call for availability.

Dry cleaning pickup or delivery - $20 per round trip
Merchandise return or pickup (local) - $20 per trip, 3 stops max, $5 each additional stop
Help around the house - $30 per hour
Dog walking - $20 per half hour, $5 for each additional dog

Grocery/Retail Shopping
Cost of goods purchased plus service amounts below:
$20 for each $100 worth of goods purchased up to $200
$5 plus 20% of total bill for all purchases over $200
For technology purchases, additional $50 charge may apply. Call for details.

Postal and Shipping Services
$15 for simple mail pickup or dropoff plus cost of postage
$20 for package shipping plus cost of postage/shipping
$5 additional charge for each package needing shipment preparation plus cost of materials and shipping fees

Video Services
VHS to digital conversion - $30 per hour
Digital to DVD conversion or YouTube upload - $15 each
Simple editing with titles, chapters, and credits - $40 per project
Advanced editing with 1080p output and full motion titles and transitions - $5 per finished minute of output per project (negotiated by project)

Computer/Networking Services
All services below do not include costs for required hardware or software
Wireless network installation or configuration - $55 per router
Home network analysis and configuration - $60 per hour
Technology lessons or software support - $50 per hour
Corporate services available at $110 per hour - call for details or availability

All prices subject to change. All service fees include taxes. Valpo Valet accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, cash, and personal checks. A $35 fee will be assessed for all NSF checks returned by the bank.