Do I have to login or create a user account to use Valpo Valet?

Nope. You can call us at (219) 615-0066 and tell us what you need. You can click the “New Request” button and use our online system as a guest. Or, you can e-mail (support@valpovalet.com) or fax (219-229-6018) us your needs and we’ll take care of them.


Why would I want to have an online account with Valpo Valet?

Creating and using your online account gives you the ability to view service and payment history, have your contact information pre-loaded for future services, and coming soon – the ability to re-use a previous service such as the grocery shopping list without having to re-enter all the information.


Is Valpo Valet available on the weekends?

Generally, no.  However, we are occasionably available for services on Saturday or Sunday.  Give us a call (219-615-0066) or send an e-mail (support@valpovalet.com) to see if our schedule allows for weekend service.  A small surcharge will be added to the regular service fee for weekend tasks.


If I create an account, why does Valpo Valet ask for my date of birth?

Providing your birthdate is optional, but is needed if you would like us to pick up something that would require your birthdate or proof of age, such as liquor or prescriptions.


How will I know Valpo Valet received my request and the services requested will be completed?

We will always confirm every service request prior to engagement.  In addition, our availability page will give you a pretty good idea of when we will be able to complete your requested tasks.


Will Valpo Valet deliver groceries or walk my dog while I am not home?

That is totally up to you. We use a system that stores keys in a secure manner for each client.


Does Valpo Valet provide transportation for minors?

No. We do not provide transportation to unaccompanied minors.


Does Valpo Valet service areas outside of Valparaiso, Indiana?

All services need to originate from within the Valpo area.  That means that as long as you live or work in Valparaiso and you need something picked up or dropped off in Chesterton, Merrillville, or other nearby city (within 25 miles or so), it’s not a problem.


I need a ride to the airport(s).  Will Valpo Valet take me there?

It depends on the number of services requested for a given day.  Valpo Valet generally provides local transportation, such as to and from the car dealership or a local medical office.  However, if our schedule is free, we would be more than happy to drive you to Midway, South Bend, Ohare, or Porter County airports.